PBX super I is our second largest retail market designed for Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities where citizens are looking for not only supermarket but also a homely place where one can buy every essentials of his or her daily needs.

Our super markets are the evolution of 100 yrs of retail business knowledge and we equally understand what our customer need. Our supermarkets are modern place which offer and fulfil every bit of daily purchase need with relaxing environment and many other associated offerings to make shopping a fun and enjoyable experience.

We also equipped all our supermarket with most advance technology of product picking and billing to provide our customer queue free shopping experience.

The PBX SUPER I have designed to establish either in the center or on the outskirts outside of smaller town as stand-alone structures. The average size of our Supermarket is 2800 sq. m (30139 Sq.ft).

Our supermarkets are India’s first supermarkets which adopt queue less billing system.

All our Supermarkets are linked with PBX Clubcard services .