PBX HYPER I is the largest sized hypermarket of supermarket vertical and are suitable for metro cities and other big and develop cities.

Our hypermarkets are logically designed to provide all types of retail products under one roof. Based on conceptual similarity with collaborative partner, the hypermarket is a second home for our customer where he or she can have all comforts and product/service in need.

Our Hypermarkets are designed also to provide our customers the experience of different services with approximately every type of products. We offers many more facilities and service in our hypermarkets which are generally not available in any other hypermarkets/supermarkets.

The hypermarkets are designed so well that they offer relaxed parking, easy accessible products and comfortable billing procedures.

The PBX HYPER I has designed to establish outside of Large city as stand-alone structures. The average size of our hypermarket is 5250 sq. m (56510 Sq.ft).

Our all hyper markets are linked with PBX Clubcards.